Active Academics® has recently added new and existing lesson ideas to our Active @ Home list. These activities are ones that teachers may want to use as “homework” or as a virtual lesson, or that parents may find useful in making sure their children are still being physically active at home to help offset the increased amount of sedentary time required by virtual learning. Search for Active@Home lesson ideas in the search box in the upper right corner. This section is new to Active Academics®, so new ideas will be continually added. Check back often!

Other "at home" Resources

There are many other resources out there to help with physical education and physical activity integration at home. here are some of our favorites for you to check out.

We Are Teachers
Our favorite Virtual PE resources to keep students moving at home.

OPEN (Online Physical Education Network)
Tools for creating an active home.

PE Central
Teaching Physical Education and Health Remotely (course)

Physical Education at Home

The PE Specialist
How to stay active at home: PE at Home Resources

The Home School Mom
What about homeschool PE?

Parenthood Times
24 Fun Physical Activities for Kids

COVID - 19 Fitness and PE Resources