Active Academics® workshops will give PreK-8 teachers the knowledge, skills, and practical classroom-tested ideas to incorporate movement and physical activity throughout the school day - in the classroom, in physical education class, during break times such as lunch and recess, and before/after school opportunities. We know that children love to move, and that physical activity during the school day helps children to focus, concentrate, stay on task, and in some cases, increase academic learning success.

Along with learning the importance of physical activity and integrating movement throughout the day, "how" to integrate physical activity requires pedagogical knowledge and skills, which will also be addressed to help you be successful.

You can provide fun, motivational, movement experiences in your teaching without sacrificing academic learning time.

Designed for schools and districts to help PreK-8 teachers to incorporate physical activity in their regular classroom instruction and in other school opportunities throughout the school day.

This professional development workshop has been aligned with the national standards, including the Core Content Standards, developed by our leading professional organizations. This workshop is developed through a partnership with eLearning for Kids, Inc.


Each full-day workshop is $2,000 for up to 50 participants, plus presenter expenses (travel and lodging).

Each half-day workshop is $1,200 for up to 50 participants, plus presenter expenses (travel and lodging).

Contact us through the link below if your group size is larger, or if you have questions about specific workshop accomodations.

What the presenter will bring:

  • Handouts, music, and other supplemental materials
  • Some equipment
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Wireless microphone

What the host will provide:

  • Large indoor space that will accommodate movement and group work (i.e. gymnasium or multi-purpose room).
  • Projector / Screen / Computer with Internet Access / Speakers
  • Some general equipment such as balls, jump ropes, etc.
  • Sound system with that will accomodate a smart phone adapter.

If you have questions or to request more information, please email us at: